Anti Bullying Week 2020 – United Against Bullying

Anti bullying week 2020

Anti-Bullying Week 2020 is another episode of an annual event that happens in November each year to spread awareness about its massive impact on the minds of the individuals of our society, by Anti-Bullying Alliance UK.

This year, the anti-bullying week is going to be held from 16th November to 20th November and the theme for Anti-bullying Week 2020 is “United Against Bullying”.

“We are all a piece in the puzzle, and together, we are united against bullying”.

Why Anti-bullying Week is Important in 2020?

As we all know that bullying adversely affects the life of a person whether it’s a school, college, workplace of society.

Especially, its impact is worse on school going kids. This awareness week is the best way to involve people in anti-bullying activities.

People get to know about how they can take a stand against bullying and raise awareness in schools, organizations, and colleges.

It is wrong that bullying only affects the children, adults also fall victim to bullying.

The primary organization which is responsible for arranging the event each year is the Anti-Bullying Alliance in England. It has about 140 member organizations.

In Northern Ireland, this event is arranged by the Northern Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum which is a very active forum of 25 member organizations. Most of these organizations are from the voluntary and statutory sectors.

Anti-bullying Week 2020 dates

Anti-bullying week happens every November each year. The dates of the event are announced each year by the organizing authority. Anti-bullying week 2020 dates are 16th November to 20th November 2020.

This event is considered a national Anti-bullying day in the UK. After its successful execution in England, different other countries also realized its importance. Now Japan and India also arrange these events in their countries to raise awareness about the negative impact of bullying on the kids.

Anti-bullying Week Posters 2020

A poster is a great way to display your message whether you are physically attending an event, or you just want to participate online. If you are not sure about what kind of poster will be the best for carrying, we have gathered anti-bullying week posters ideas for you.

You can just take ideas from these posters for making your own, or you can just download these posters and print them.

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Anti-bullying Week Resources 2020

We have gathered Anti-bullying week resources from different authentic websites about bullying like the Anti-bullying Alliance, End Bullying, Bullying Uk, and Twinkle. Now you can get any of the resources whether it is for young kids, parents, or professionals in one place. These resources like flashcards, videos, debate activities, and problem pages are a great way to develop awareness about bullying and how one can handle bullying at his school or workplace.

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Anti-bullying Week Ideas 2020

If you are creative you can take the message of the anti-bullying week to the next level. With your creative ideas at school or college, you can spread the words. To enhance your creativity about and to make you celebrate this event to its full potential we have some wonderful ideas for you.

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Anti-bullying Week Activities 2020

This is a weeklong event and it starts with odd socks day. You can enjoy many other activities throughout the event. The activities for this week are different for primary classes and secondary classes.  You can find some of the best activities that can be performed at school or home.

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Anti-bullying Week Games

Games play a very positive role in our society to build the character of our young ones. Games teach has patience and our kids can learn about working in a team. Both outdoor and indoor games are important. For this special event where kids learn about tolerance and acceptance of differences in personalities, games can play a vital role. Here are some games like role-playing which can make this event interesting for your school and college students.

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National Anti Bullying Week Uk

This anti-bullying week is also considered a national anti-bullying week in Uk. Anti-bullying week is celebrated in other countries like Canada, United States, Australia, and Japan with different names and on different dates. In Uk, the anti-bullying week organized by the ABA is considered a national event and it is celebrated in Scotland and Ireland as well. The dates for anti-bullying week 2020 is the same for England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does anti-bullying week mean?

It is an event that is held in the third week of November each year to support bullied children. The main purpose of this event is to spread awareness about the negative impact of bullying on children’s health.

When is the anti-bullying week 2020?

Anti-bullying week happens in the third week of November each year. Anti-bullying week 2020 is going to happen from 16th November to 20th November.

When did the anti-bullying week start?

The first-ever anti-bullying week was celebrated in 2004 which was organized by the Anti-bullying alliance. Since then it is celebrated every year in the third week of November.

Why do we celebrate anti-bullying week?

The sole purpose of the anti-bullying week is to raise awareness about the bullying of kids at school or even adults at the workplace or elsewhere. In this week different organizations arrange workshops and seminars to highlight the ways of preventing bullying and responding to it in an effective way.

Why is anti-bullying week important?

It is important to get people to know about how bullying hurts the physical and emotional conditions of children and adults. It is a good platform of information for teachers, parents, and professionals.

What to do for the anti-bullying week?

A lot of activities are performed to celebrate this event. You can design a poster, wear a t-shirt in support of bullied children, attend a workshop, or your kids’ school. is a good source to find more ideas and activities for this event.

What is the color for the anti-bullying week?

Blue is considered the color of this event all around the world.