About Us

Antibullyingweek.co is an informative blog about bullying and we are promoting the national anti-bullying week. Our aim is to spread awareness about the negative impact of bullying on the physical and emotional wellbeing of school-going kids as well as working professionals.

Bullying is a negative behavior and there are a lot of reasons behind this behavior. We not only need to address the issue of a bullied kid. There is a strong need to address the issues of a bully. It is our responsibility to solve the issues of a bully so that he can change his or her behavior.

For this purpose, we have gathered many useful resources for the teachers, parents, and professionals which can help them to teach the kids about bullying and how they can cope with the situation.

There are more than 25 anti-bullying week ideas present on our blog so that the whole week of the event can be covered with fun and learning activities.

This year the anti-bullying week will be celebrated from the 16th of November to the 20th of November 2020 and it will start with Odd Socks Day. We invite you to celebrate this event with full zeal and zest.

Let’s fight together to end bullying behavior in schools, colleges, and workplaces and make the world a happy place to live.