Anti Bullying Week Activities 2020 – Creative & Easy

This is a weeklong event so the teachers have the opportunity to engage their students of different levels in anti-bullying week activities. These activities can be on the class level or the students can also perform them in the assembly of in groups.

If you are looking for some engaging activities that not only build the interest of students but also raise their awareness about bullying, we have a list of different activities.

The first day first, you can arrange odd socks activity at your school, college, or workplace. The rest of the activities can be performed in the coming days of the week.

1. Odd Socks Day

Odd Socks Day Activity

The event starts with an amazing and interesting event of Odd Socks Day. From 2017 the first day of the anti-bullying week is celebrated as odd socks day. Students, teachers as well as professionals wear a pair of odd socks of their choice.

This day brings a strong message for all of us. Teachers can ask students to wear odd socks on the first day of the week. An assembly can be arranged on this day to aware students of the uniqueness and differences each of us has.

Whether you are poor or rich your feet don’t feel any difference in your shoes with odd socks. This is the core concept of this day. Differences based on color or size or language do not make your superior or inferior.

2. Debate Activity

We have gathered some good debate topics for your students and this one of the best anti-bullying week activities.

The debate is one of the most popular activities among students especially for addressing the current and controversial topics. Debates not only raise the hidden skills of the students but also raise the leadership qualities and critical thinking of the students.

To pull the arguments from the depth of the problem students start thinking out of the box and it also enhances their presentation skills. Debates also boost the confidence and self-esteem of the students.

How to plan Debate Activity for Anti-bullying Week?

You can make teams or groups of students and assign them the topic to prepare for the debate activity. Pre-set debate headlines can be given to each team so that they can research about that topic and come up with good ideas.

Teaming up students not only help them to learn teamwork, but they also learn about tolerating each other in a group format. After assigning the topics you can appoint a facilitator who can introduce the teams and manage the debate activity.

Make sure that the whole debate activity revolves around the core topic that is anti-bullying and exploring the bullying in more depth. There are different kinds of bullying and ask them to open about any kind of bullyings like cyberbullying, homophobic, name-calling, or innocent bystanders.

The list of the debate topics is as follow, you can add or alter the topic according to your need or choice.

Debate Topics

If you are bullied Online Should you shut down your account? What are the responsibilities of schools to discourage bullying? Should all kinds of bullying be banned? The impact of bullying has been exaggerated. Is it true? Bystanders are equally guilty. Does it make sense?

3. Agree or Disagree?

Anti bullying Week Activities

It is also an interesting activity, especially for primary school students.

Draw a line in the center of the whiteboard and write Agree on one side and disagree on the other side.

Now present multiple scenarios and statements and ask the kids to take the side of their choice in the class.

After shuffling ask the students to volunteer their reason for the choice. Give the liberty to the students to change the side if they are convinced by their opponents.

This activity not only raises their awareness about the bullying, but the teacher will also come to know about their understanding of this major problem.

After the session teacher can add his or her views about the bullying and clear the concept of the students about anti-bullying.

A possible statement of discussion can be as follow but you can also add or alter the statement according to your choice.

Spreading rumors about someone, when you don’t know the truth, is bullying It’s his fault for not standing for himself Boys bully more as compare to girls Forwarding images or text that upset someone is bullying Bullying doe does not happen in my school or college

4. Rating the Types of Bullying

There are different types of bullying behaviors. Students think that some behavior is more serious as compared to others.

In this group activity, you will divide the class into two groups and give them cards of bullying behavior written on them.

Ask the students to order the cards from more serious to the light type of bullying. After the within-group discussion, they will order the cards.

Now the teacher will compare the cards and discuss the reasons for their choices.

This activity not only highlights different types of bullying, but it will also raise awareness about the seriousness of the issue. You must include it in anti-bullying week activities.

Here are some examples of bullying behavior, you can add more according to your choice.

  • Making racist remarks
  • Hiding someone’s lunch
  • Being called skinny or fat
  • Sending inappropriate photo or text
  • Being laughed at
  • Tripping someone while passing
  • Not being included in sports or team
  • Having your trouser pulled down
  • Being pressurized for doing something you don’t want to do

5. Identifying Networks

Anti Bullying Week Activity - Social Network

It is important for the students to know to whom they should call if they are in any kind of trouble.

Ask the students to think about five people or organizations to whom they will call if they are in trouble and on their fingers. (Using their hands as a template)

In this way, they will come to know whom they can trust and if they don’t think they have five trustworthy people. Help them to identify.

Discuss with the students about the qualities they must look for like honesty, trust, someone who can listen to them and take them seriously.

At the end of the activity ask them to write those five names on their notebooks. It is a great way to increase the confidence of the children about taking the help of others in case of any problem.

6. Research and Write

Ask the students to write the definition of bullying that is in their mind and write the school’s anti-bullying policies in their own words. Also, ask them to write suggestions to improve the activities for anti-bullying in their school.

This activity can be performed for different age groups. At the end of the anti-bullying week, these suggestions can be compiled and published in the school or college magazine with the name of the students.

It will not only motivate the student to raise their voices against bullying, but it will also help the bullied students to speak their hearts out.

7. Create and Display

It is one of the best creative activities for anti-bullying week. Ask students to create a poster or a banner for the anti-bullying day. It can be handmade or designed on the computer.

You can also take anti-bullying week poster ideas and photos from here.

Display the posters on the prominent places of the event hall or school notice boards.

Students can also create their own slogans to raise awareness about anti-bullying.

8. Make a Paper Chain

Anti bullying Week activities

Another creative activity for anti-bullying week is a paper chain. Assign a color to every child and ask them to write their own message on that color paper.

Attach each paper with gum or pin and make a unique color pattern chain of these papers.

It will create a powerful visual message from your class of the school.


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  1. From 2007 to 2015 I ran Bully-Free West Virginia program. I am proud to state that I am working with a new organization that is going to attempt to bring back Bully-Free West Virginia. It won’t be for a year or so as some of the things are worked on is now outdated. I look forward to using your resources that you share.


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