Anti Bullying Week Coloring Sheets – 14 Concepts

If you are looking for coloring sheets for anti-bullying week activity you are at the right spot. We have gathered 14 most amazing coloring pages that will convey the message of this event to the students of junior classes.

Being a teacher you need some interesting resources to engage the kids of primary classes. Coloring pages are one of the most engaging activities that are loved by the children.

It is an easy way to convey a message into the little brains of the kids. While coloring a black and white sheet you can tell them a story related to the picture.

Students will not only take interest in the activity but also memorize the concept of the event throughout the year.

These printable coloring pages are easy to download. Each sheet presents a different concept about bullying like be kind, respect others, be a buddy, etc.

You can also use these sheets as a lesson starter or make a themed lesson about bullying for classwork and homework.

Anti Bullying Week Coloring Sheets

How to download the Coloring Sheet

  1. Right-click on your desired sheet
  2. On the top of the pop-up menu select “Open link in new tab”
  3. The full-size image will open in a new window
  4. Right-click on the image and click “Save image as” to save it in your PC.

You can add the coloring sheet activity in the anti-bullying week activities list of your school and college. It can be fun with information.

To make it more fruitful ask the senior students to design a coloring sheet and junior students will fill the colors in them. The benefit of teamwork will also helo in eliminating the bullying culture from the schools.

If you have any other idea about the coloring activity of primary class students do let us know in the comment section and we will surely add it to our activity list.

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