Anti Bullying Week Facts – 24 Eyeopening Stats

Researches have been done to know more about bullying and its consequences. Researchers brought different facts into the spotlight about bullying and anti-bullying week.

We have gathered some eye-opening facts about bullying. Do read these facts and share them with your students and their parents.

Anti-bullying Week Facts

1. The percentage of students between the age of 12 to 18 who experience bullying nationwide is 20 %.

2. 19% of the students who are in grades 9 to 12 reported that they have been bullied on the school premises.

3. The percentage of students who notified an adult about bullying is 46% between the age of 12 to 18.

Another survey revealed that

4. The percentage of young people who said they are worried about getting abused online is 24%.

5. Physically disabled people are more likely to experience bullying as compared to a person without physical disability.

6. 5 % of the people said that they experience physical bullying.

7. It was also found that 160k students left the school just because of bullying.

8. The students who were bullied scored less in science, math, and reading as compared to other students who were not bullied.

9. The percentage reported for four types of bullying is as follow

  • Verbal Bullying 79%
  • Social Bullying 50%
  • Physical Bullying 29%
  • Cyberbullying 25%

10. It was also reported that more than half i.e. 57% of incidents of bullying stops when a peer or friend intervenes in the situation.

How to Engage students in anti bullying week activities

11. Most of the students who faced bullying were in grade 6 which is 31%.

12. Reporting of bullying is higher in junior students as compare to the higher-class students. Only 39% of high school students reported the bullying.

13. When you are left out of a group or team it is called social exclusion and it is also a form of bullying if it is done purposely to hurt you.

14. It is also reported in a survey that the result of bullying is the development of depression and social anxiety.

15. It is also a dangerous sign that 25% of the students who face bullying have had suicidal thoughts.

16. Bullying is a learned behavior and stressful and traumatic situation develop these kinds of behavior in the students.

17. Almost one-third of the young students face bullying around the globe. The lowest is 7% and the highest is 74%.

18. It was also found in a survey that the main reason of bullying is the financial condition of students, especially in wealthy countries.

19. It is an amazing fact that there is no federal anti-bullying law in the UK, however, all the states have their own anti-bullying legislation. Yes, bullying is not illegal.

20. In the survey 69%, people admitted that they abuse someone online.

Ideas to celebrate anti-bullying week

21. The percentage of people who were bullied by their classmates is 62%.

22. In 2019, 26 % of people said that they experienced cyberbullying.

23. Almost 70 % of people said that there are not enough policies of social networks to stop online bullying.

24. 42% of the students said that bullying at school was related to the following factors

  • Race 10%
  • Gender 8%
  • Ethnicity 7%
  • Physical Appearance 30%
  • Disability 7%
  • Sexual Orientation 4%
  • Religion 5%

All the anti-bullying week facts and stats are taken from Ditch the Label Research and Do Something.

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