Anti Bullying Week Ideas – Top 25 Picks

Events come with happiness. Whether it is a national or local event we always look for great ideas to celebrate it. Anti-Bullying Week is an event that is especially celebrated for the kids, so we have gathered some amazing ideas.

Most of these ideas are suggested by the young ones and teachers of the school and colleges. From a pool of more than 100 ideas, we have picked the top 25 of them for Anti-bullying Week 2020.

Let’s get started from the basic to advance level ideas to engage the kids and help them know the impact of bullying.

1. Assemblies

School and college assemblies are great sources of information and motivation for the students. You can gather assembly ideas from the students and list the best ideas. Inviting parents will not only boost the morale of the students but they will also perform well.

An assembly plan for the whole week with ideas from the school kids will make this week memorable for all of us.

2. Pre-written assembly ideas

If you are a teacher and want to gather ideas for assembly, the internet is your best friend. Search for anti-bullying week assembly ideas of directly visit the website of APA. The anti-bullying alliance is the organizer of this week and they have pre-written assemblies on their website.

3. Definition of Bullying

What is bullying? Ask the children to write their own definition of bullying. Gather all the written material and compile them into an excel sheet. Now share the result with the students about the aspect which were common in all definitions. In the end summaries the whole concept of bullying in front of students.

You can also give them to know their understanding of bullying and different behaviors.

For example:

  • Sam is on the ground and Peter is bashing him.
  • Mark is pouring Amanda’s can of coke in the basket.
  • Some students follow Enrico and laugh at him while his way to school

4. Use Books and Movies about bullying

A comprehensive list of children fiction movies about bullying is present on the site of Anti-Bullying Week. You can also get the list of books about bullying and its preventive measures from Watch the movie with the kids or read the excerpts from the books to raise their knowledge.

5. Poems

Poems always fascinate children. Poems from different poets and from the Anti-bullying poetry competition is present online. Again, use the power of the internet for finding one of the best poem ideas this anti-bullying week. You can also visit the poetry page of this website.

6. Promote Creativity and Talent

Allow the children to write songs, raps, or create new tunes for old songs and new verses for old tunes. Students can perform their creative work in the class in the assemblies of school. Role plays with the musical background is also an amazing way to deliver the message.

7. Drama Competition

Empathy is the only way to know the pain and the feeling of a bullied person. Encourage the students to write a short play or playlets to show how bullying affects a person. Not only a person is affected by bullying but the people around him are also affected. Friends, family members, relatives, and his relationship all off them suffer.

8. Debate – Anti-bullying week ideas

It is a great idea to hold a debate whether in the assembly or in the classroom separately. You can assign pre-defined topics from different sources. The hot topic about bullying is the impact of violent behavior on films and TV dramas. You can explore more topics on the internet.

You can also find more anti bullying week activities here.

9. Helping Hands – Social Networking

We always need someone’s shoulder to cry out our problems. Children need it more. It is one of the best ideas for the anti-bullying week to identify at least five trustworthy people around you.

Ask the children to draw around their hands on the white paper. Now write the names of five people to whom they will turn in case of bullying or any other problem. These are the honest and trustworthy people around you.

Adults can also perform this activity. Teachers can guide students about the people who can be trusted in a difficult situation.

10. Teach Anti-Bullying Numbers

Ask students to perform 10 acts of kindness in their daily routine life during anti-bullying week. Also, take an assignment of 1000 acts of kindness that can be done in daily life with the people around us.

You can also teach the students about the CALM equation. 1+3+10=CALM

(1=Say Calm down to yourself. 3=Take deep three breaths. 10=Count to ten)

11. Learning from Senior Students

Senior students of school and college can develop and deliver a presentation about anti-bullying or it can also be delivered in the form of drama. Senior students can help their juniors like a mentor to prevent bullying in school.

12. Poster Competition

This kind of activity can play an important role in promoting healthy competition in school. Set a criterion for a Poster presentation. Display the poster on the prominent place of the college and ask the students to rate these posters. You can also call a local celebrity to judge and present the prize to the winner.

13. Anti-bullying Graffiti Wall Idea

Dedicate a wall of your school or college for Anti-bullying Week. This will remind the students about the anti-bullying message all year round. Young people and children of the school can contribute to the graffiti wall and decorate the wall with anti-bullying messages and images.

You can also use the hardboard panels for this purpose if you don’t want to utilize the wall.

14. Blue Human Chain

Blue is the color for anti-bullying week. Students and children wear blue color shirts in this week. Most of the time Friday which is the last day of the event is celebrated as blue Friday. On this day young people holding hands can create a circle around the building of their school or college.

15. Create Anti-bullying Bands

Bands are the fun way to display your message and children wear them fondly. Whether it is a headband or wrist band it looks trendy if its custom made. Students can use laminated cards, colored threads, or wool to create fancy wrist bands. Write appropriate messages or ideas on the band for the anti-bullying day.

16. Anti-bullying Items

Just like bands, there are many other items that are just perfect for displaying the message of this event. You can design the printed t-shirts, badges, bags, and belts for the event. If you are good at cooking and baking to decorate cakes and biscuits for the anti-bullying messages.

17. Visit anti-bullying websites

There is a lot of material present on a different website about anti-bullying. Guides, porters, and tips are present on the internet for the kids as well as teachers. Here is the list of some helpful websites for the anti-bullying week.

18. Anti-bullying Helplines – The Blue Book

“Little Blue Book” is a concept. It is a book with useful helplines and anti-bullying helping agencies. Children can create their own blue book and distribute these blue books to other students, their teachers, and parents.

19. Newsletter

Apart from the school newsletter, on this special event, Children and young people can create their own newsletter. This anti-bullying week newsletter can include pictures, poems, anti-bullying stories, and school policies about anti-bullying.

This newsletter can be distributed among the carers, parents, and around the community.

20. Anti-bullying Games

Senior students and teachers can teach young people and children about playground game ideas for the anti-bullying week. According to research, these combined playing activities decreased bullying in many schools. Children can create a booklet for all these games.

21. Anti-bullying Sorry Box

A young kid from the Buckinghamshire presented this idea. The idea is simple. You need to set up a sorry box and place it in the school. Everyone who has bullied someone will write a sorry note for that person anonymously. In the end, copy all the notes on a board and display it in a prominent place.

22. Local Press Release

Children can write about the activities of their school about the anti-bullying week and send it to the local press or television. This will be an encouragement for the school staff, teachers and children as well

23. Arrange Bullying Survey

At the school level, arrange a bullying survey. Students will fill the survey forms anonymously. Ask the students if they were bullied. If yes, ask them how and what was their reaction or response. This activity will help the school management in preventing bullying in their school or college.

24. Performing Act of kindness

Ask the children to write the name of a random person and carry out an act of kindness during the week anonymously. The act can be as little as writing a positive note for someone or presenting flowers or a “free” gift to that person.

25. Celebrate Anti-bullying Festival

Most important thing is to celebrate the anti-bullying festival by combining the ideas that are presented in this article. You can create, songs, posters, bands, films, poems, and website content for celebrating this event.

These ideas for the anti-bullying week can help you celebrate it by spreading a positive message in your school or college.

If you have any other great idea for this week do let us know in the comment section.

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