Anti Bullying Week Posters 2020 – Downloadable PDF

Anti-Bullying Week is coming in November and it is the time to show your participation in the event. Anti-bullying week posters for the year 2020 are present in printable format.

If you are a teacher you can raise awareness in your school kids about bullying and its negative impact. One of the best ways is to display the message in a prominent place.

Anti-bullying week posters can help you spread the message about this event starting from the 16th of November this year.

If you are a student, it is the right time to step forward. With the help of your teachers, you can arrange a seminar or a workshop about the anti-bullying week at your institute. A lot of different schools and colleges arrange awareness seminars this week.

For the anti-bullying week, you will need posters, not only for displaying the message but also for decorating the place.

Before displaying a poster for your event, you must consider the following points. So that you can Convery your message effectively.

  • The poster must contain an image or text in bold format.
  • You must avoid the long text will a small format as it becomes difficult to read.
  • The message on the poster must be readable.
  • Make sure the colors not only attract the readers but also depicts the theme of the event.
  • Display the poster on the prominent place event hall or on the notice board.

You can also download the official poster of the anti-bullying week from the ABA official website. has gathered some amazing anti-bullying week posters for the 2020 event. These posters are in PDF format and easily downloadable.

Just download the poster and take a printout.

Anti Bullying Week 2020 Posters

United Against Bullying             Ask Yourself

anti bullying week poster 2020       anti bullying week poster 2020 - 2


Cyber Bullying                           End Bullying Now

anti cyber bullying      anti bullying week poster 2020 - 4


STOP Here                                  Online Bullying

stop bullying     anti bullying online


Help each other!                        Stop Bullying Now

anti bullying week help     anti bullying week



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