Anti Bullying Week Prayer – Copy and Print

Prayer is a powerful source of positive energy. Children who are bullied need this energy to heel the wounds on their hearts. In this event of the anti-bullying week, you can offer prayer in the classroom and assembly.

Words work like bandages so it is important to use proper words while praying so that it does not provoke any negative feelings in the broken hearts.

Anti Bullying Week Prayer

Dear God,
We are really sorry for bulling or standing by and not showing our respect to others. Please help us and give us the courage to speak against bullying.
Help us to find the courage for helping others and seeking help from others when we need support in any problem.
We are really thankful to our friends who help us in a difficult time and encourage us when we are hurt. We also give thanks to all the organizers who are raising awareness in our society.
Oh, God! Please help us to stay firm when we are bullied and help us to spread positivity, respect, and friendship in our school and college.
Help us to treat others just like we want to be treated. Shows us how to treat the weak and help the people with weakness.
It is a promise that we will not hold the differences and beliefs against anyone and respect them.
We request the forgiveness of bullies and show them the right path to treat others.
We have learned the beautiful lesson of positivity on this event of anti-bullying week, help us to remember this message all around the year.

It is in Simple Text format. You can copy this anti-bullying week prayer and take the print out if you want to distribute it among the students and other people at this event.

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