Anti Bullying Week Resources 2020 – Best Resources Compilation

Anti-bullying week 2020 is going to happen from 16th to 20th November. This is the best time to use different resources about the anti-bullying week and raise awareness about bullying in schools, colleges, and workplaces.

Do you know what steps you should take if you are bullied? If you ask this question from your students or from your employee, the majority will don’t know the answer.

This week provides you an opportunity to address all the issues related to bulling and let the people know how they can deal bulling. It is not only important for the young ones, but also for the professionals.

We have gathered some of the best anti-bullying week resources from all around the internet, whether it is an assembly, PowerPoint slides, videos, presentations, or flashcards. You can get resources for activities for the anti-bullying week right on this page.

Let’s start with the most important and official source of anti-bullying week material.

1. Anti-Bullying Alliance

The anti-bullying alliance is the prime organizer of anti-bullying week. “United Against Bullying” is the theme of anti-bullying week 2020. Just like the previous events, the main goal of this event is to raise awareness about the impact of bullying on the physical and emotional health of a kid.

They have successfully achieved their goal by spreading a positive message among the schools, students, and parents that we should be united. It’s not the responsibility of a one-person but it is a collective responsibility of all of us to stop this phenomenon in our society.

On the official website of the anti-bullying alliance, you will get the resources for different school levels. Here is the link for the primary school resource pack and secondary school resource pack.

2. Odd Socks Day

Anti-bullying week starts with “Odd Socks Day” an idea presented by Andy (a popular host of children show) and his team. It is a fun event and you don’t need to wear fancy clothes to celebrate this event.

Just wear a pair of odd socks to your school or workplace to celebrate the uniqueness and individuality.

The message of this day is very simple, despite all differences we are all equal. The goal of this event is to raise awareness and to raise money for charity.

3. Teaching Resources for Anti-Bullying Week

anti bullying week Teaching Resources

Teachers are the most responsible and engaged people in this event. The prime responsibility of engaging the students in this event and raising their knowledge about bullying, it’s all upon the shoulders of a teacher.

So, a teacher needs enough curricular and non-curricular resources to engage the students throughout the anti-bullying week. A week full of activities about a specific event helps the young one to remember it throughout the year.

To facilitate the teachers and to provide them with some amazing anti-bullying week resources, we have categorized different resources into different sections. You just need to scroll down and click on the resource you need for your day.

a. Anti-Bullying Week Assembly and Activities ks1

The students of primary Key stage 1 are very young from 5 to 7 years of age. In this age, kids love the colors and learn from activities that are different from the older ones. We have also provided some amazing Assembly ideas in another post.

You can also find 15 anti-bullying week ACTIVITIES and 25 anti-bullying week IDEAS here.

For anti-bullying week assembly, ks1, and primary just visit this link and download the resource.

b. Anti-Bullying Week Assembly and Activities ks2

The age of this stage of kids is between 7 to 11. This age needs more attention because with the growing age kids learn good or bad habits from their friends or other family members. It is important to teach them kindness and respect for others. Click here for amazing anti-bullying week ACTIVITIES and IDEAS.

For primary Assembly resources click here.

c. Anti-Bullying Week PowerPoint

Powerpoint presentation is a great way to deliver the message whether you are in the assembly or in your classroom. We have prepared PowerPoint slides for teachers about bullying and its impact. Teachers can download these PowerPoint and present them in front of their students.

Click here to download the anti-bullying week powerpoint presentation.

d. Coloring Sheets

If you are a teacher of Ks1 it will be a great resource for you. Your students will love these coloring sheets and it also helps you guide them about bullying. These coloring sheets are free for download and you just need to print them for your class.

Download the anti-bullying week coloring sheets for here.

e. Anti-Bullying Week Stories

We all love stories. Whether your students are young or old, even if you are teaching to a professional level students’ stories are the most impactful way of delivering the message. It is easy for you to develop a plot or a story about a bullying situation and how to tackle it. If you are not good at story-making we can help you in this regard.

This link will take you to a website where you will find some amazing anti-bullying week stories to inspire your students about taking action against bullying. Not only for themselves but also for the people around them.

f. Anti-Bullying Week Website

Nowadays, the internet is the greatest resource of knowledge. There are thousands of websites present on each topic with good and not so good knowledge. We have compiled a list of some amazing and authentic websites on the topic of bullying. Click on the link and directly visit the website.

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti Bullying Alliance


Stop Bullying

g. Anti-Bullying Week Worksheets

Along with assemblies and other activities, these worksheets can help you raise awareness about bullying and its impact. Just like the other classroom tasks, give the students these worksheets.

4. Wikipedia

The most authentic source of information on the internet is Wikipedia.  If you are looking for any kind of information about bullying or anti-bullying you just have to visit the following links to Wikipedia and get the information.

Anti Bullying Week Wikipedia

5. YouTube Videos

Videos are fun. You can find hundreds of videos on different social media platforms about bullying. The visual message is more powerful as compared to verbal or written knowledge, especially for young kids. We have sorted out YouTube videos with different genres and different messages.

Visit this link for the best anti-bullying week YouTube Videos.

6. Anti-Bullying Week Songs

Andy and his team are creating amazing anti-bullying week songs from the last 3 years. Not only Andy’s band but a lot of other people also created songs to deliver a strong message and to raise their voices against bullying. Our YouTube Videos page has these songs as well.

Here is the link to a page full of Videos and songs for anti-bullying week.

7. Anti-Bullying Week Merchandise

If you are a supporter of the anti-bullying week and you want to spread the message, wearing a symbolic product can help you a lot. Like wristband or t-shirt with a message against bullying.

You can visit our page of anti-bullying week merchandise and your shopping will give us a little commission to continue our mission.

8. Anti-Bullying Week Prayer

Prayers make us strong. A positive vibe that not only soothes our sadness and sorrows but also helps others to get rid of bad habits. Starting the anti-bullying week with a prayer and ending the event with a prayer will not only help the bullied children to forgive but also realize the bullies to stop what they are doing.

Here is a beautiful prayer for anti-bullying week.

9. Anti-Bullying Week Quiz

A quiz can be a great source of knowledge for the students. You can arrange a quiz in the classroom or in the assembly. Ask the participants about what bullying is and what should we do if someone bullies us. These kinds of questions help the students to remember the answers and act positively in any situation.

This is the link to an awesome quiz about bullying and anti-bullying week.

10. Anti-Bullying Week Display Banner

Anti-bullying week is just arriving. It is important to display the banners and posters in your schools and colleges so that the students and teachers get prepared for this event. You can display the banners and posters on the prominent places of your campus, or the noticeboard will be the best place.

Download these anti-bullying week posters and banners in printable form.

11. Anti-Bullying Week Drama

The students of senior classes can prepare a drama for this week. We have also mentioned this activity on the list of anti-bullying week activities and ideas. Ask the students to write a script about a bullying event and perform it on the stage to show how bullying affects a child’s life and wellbeing.

12. Anti-Bullying Week Facebook

As it is one of the most popular social media networks, you can raise awareness about anti-bullying on it more efficiently. You can like the pages about bullying and its impact. You can also share the information on your profile or on your pages to stop bullying in your network.

Visit the official Facebook page of and share the information.

13. Anti-Bullying Week Hashtag

Whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter hashtags can link you with like-minded people and events. #antibullyingweek2020 is the official hashtag for this event and you can use it in your social media posts to raise awareness about it.

We hope these anti-bullying week resources will help you in raising awareness in your schools and colleges about bullying.

If you need another resource that is not presented here do let us know in the comment section. We will do our best to provide you with all the resources you need to end this bullying culture.

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