Anti Bullying Week Songs – Video Playlist

If it is hard for your children to remember the lesson you can make it easy by rhyming it. Yes, it is human nature. Especially for the kids, it is true that they can learn rapidly when they rhyme and anti bullying week songs do the same.

You must have noticed that you can easily remember the lyrics of a song as compared to a dialogue of a drama.

That’s why we have gathered some of the most inspirational songs about bullying from the internet.

Some of these songs are from the official organizing band “Andy and his team” about Odd Socks Day and others are from different singers and bands.

Anti-bullying Week Songs

Stop Bullying Now | Jack Hartmann

2019 – It was about “Change” – Odd Socks day 2019

2018 – It was about “Choose Respect” – Odd socks day 2018

2017 – It was about “Uniqueness” – Odd socks day 2017

BULLY-FREE ZONE! (Anti-bullying song for kids!)

Billy Talent, ‘Nothing to Lose’

Taylor Swift, ‘Mean’

Christina Aguilera, ‘Beautiful’

Each of these songs have different theme. Andy’s songs motivates the children about celebrating the anti bullying week to raise awareness. While other songs are delivering stories about the impact of bullying on young students as well as adults at their workplaces.

We will keep adding more songs about bullying in the future. If you love a song that motivates you for speaking up about bullying do let us know. We will add your suggested videos in the playlist as well.


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