Anti Bullying Week Theme 2020

An event, whether it is local, national, or international, it revolves around a theme. Every year since the anti-bullying week started, a specific theme for each year has been announced by the organizing partners. The anti-bullying week theme 2020 has also been announced in August.

The best part is that each of the themes was developed after comprehensive research. They worked well on choosing the right and concise words for the theme so that it can convey the message.

The anti-bullying week theme 2020 is “United Against Bullying”.

The expanded version of the theme is

“We are all a piece in the puzzle, and together, we are united against bullying”.

Another reason for selecting this specific theme is the events that took place in 2020. It was a hard year for all the people around the world and still, there is a lot of uncertainty ahead.

Despite all the pandemic situation when schools were closed, and it was a life threat for all of us out there. We have seen people working on the key positions so that we can get food and all the other essentials of life.

It was a great example for us that whatever the situation can be we are all united. People and communities worked together in the time of lockdown to save society.

We have seen the repugnant murder of George Floyd in 2020 which shows that we need to educate our people about the racism that still exists in our society.

Bullying based on skin color is also a problem in schools and colleges. You must have heard about racist bullying. Thorough research on this issue is needed so that the best approach can be devised for tacking this issue in the schools.

However, the protest “Black Lives Matters” also revealed that most of us want to live peacefully and we don’t care about the color of the skin.

As we are united in “Black Lives Matters” protest we should also be united in addressing the issue of racist bullying the schools. We must listen to the black kids and young people who are targeted because of their skin color.

Alright, the anti-bullying week theme 2020 has been announced and we want you to spread the words. Whether it is school, college, your game club, or your social media profile.

We have gathered all the previous year’s themes here so that you can get an idea about how much simple words matter in your lives.

anti bullying week theme

History of Anti-Bullying Week themes

As per Wikipedia, Anti-bullying week was started in 2004. Anti-bullying week themes from 2004 to 2019 have been gathered for your information.


The first-ever anti-bullying week was held from 22 to 26 November 2004. At this event, a guidance program “stand up for us” was also launched for primary and secondary schools.


In 2005 second Anti-bullying week was organized and co-hosted by the Anti-bullying alliance ChildLine and Diana Memorial Award from 21 to 25 November.


It was the third anti-bullying week held in 2006 from 20 to 24 November and the theme for the event was Bystander “See it, Stop it, Get help”. It was a very successful event.


The fourth event of this awareness program was held from 19 to 23 November 2007. The theme for this event was about the bullying in the community with the slogan words of “Safer together, safer wherever”.


“Being different, belonging together” was the theme of the fifth event. It raised awareness about the difference and diversity in the society and how we must be part of the society. It was held from 17 to 21 November.


In 2009 the theme of this annual event was about cyberbullying. In 2009 the internet was vastly available and there were millions of social media users. It was held from 16 to 20 November with the slogan “Stay safe in Cyberspace”.


“Taking action together” was the slogan of the seventh annual event, and it was held between 22 to 26 November 2010.


The theme of the eighth annual event revolved around the verbal bullying. It was held from 14 to 18 November and the slogan of this event was “Stop and think – words can hurt”


In 2012 the ninth annual anti-bullying week was arranged between 19 and 23 November and it as also a successful event.


“The future is ours: safe, fun and connected” this was the slogan of the tenth annual event, and it was focused on the school going kids. The dates were from 18 to 22 November.


Whether you are white or black, no one can bully you based on any difference. That was the thinking behind the slogan of “Let’s stop bullying for all” on the eleventh annual event from 17 to 21 November.


To aware people of a bigger level, this event was themed as “Make a noise about bullying” and held between 16 to 20 November.


“Power of Good” was the slogan of the annual event held between 14 to 18 November in 2016. It was about how positivity can spread happiness around society.


It was a special event because “Odd Socks Day” was started in this year. The First Day of the annual event Anti-bullying week was named as Odd Socks Day”. The theme of this event was “all different all equal”.


Respect and bullying are two opposite behavior and in 2018 the annual event was about giving respect to others. It was held between 12 to 16 November with the slogan of “Choose Respect”.


No one can change society if I am not willing to change my self. A small change can bring big difference was the central theme of the annual event arranged by the Anti-bullying alliance with the slogan of “change starts with us”. It was held between 11 to 15 November.

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