Anti Bullying Week Videos – Short Stories

When it comes to video resources, youtube is the first name that comes in our mind. No doubt there are millions of videos present on the internet on every topic. Finding the best one that suits your purpose is still difficult. There are many anti-bullying week videos present on the internet.

We have compiled the best one.

Show them to your kids so that they know what is bullying and how they can tackle it.

Teachers can show these videos to their students in the classroom or in the assembly. After watching the video discuss the theme of the video with the children. Ask them how they feel.

You can also take an assignment on what alternate endings of these videos are possible. This is a creative way of finding solutions for the problems.

We have also a list of great ideas for the anti-bullying week here.

Anti Bullying Week Videos

The first one is an informative anti-bullying week video that is prepared by the


This video is presented by the official organizer of the anti-bullying week for the year 2020.

CBBC also made one of the most beautiful anti-bullying week videos by narrating a story of Nadiya. There are a lot of things to learn in this video.

In 2019, the theme of the event was “Change starts with us”. This video is all about that theme.

This is a short movie about cyberbullying. As technology is evolving the ways of bullying are also expanding. This video is about mobile bullying.

A beautiful short animated movie about bullying and its impact.

“A Moment Too Late” is an awesome short bullying film presented by “Stromedy”.

These videos not only spread awareness among kids about bullying but they also give lessons. Harm can be done easily but it is very difficult to wash away the wounds.

If you like a video and want us to add it in the list do let us know in the comment section and we will add it for you.


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