Avoid Cyber Bullying with these Instagram Features

Online social media platforms always take steps to fight with bullies by introducing anti-bullying features. If you are an active user of Instagram and you are facing bullies don’t shut down your account. Now you can avoid cyber-bullying with these features.

There is a lot more options present that will not only secure your Instagram account but also help you in maintaining a personal tone of your account. Instagram announced these anti-bullying features in May 2020. Still, a lot of people are not aware of these features.

Let’s have a look at these features and see how they help in managing negative comments and show up the positive comments on your images.

Deleting Comments in bulk

This is the best feature for the people who are using Instagram with a large following. Of course, if you are famous you will get more negative comments on your picture. Especially if your post has gone viral there will be a surge of comments on your post.

Instagram introduced a bulk delete comment option. Not only you can select up to 25 comments at a time to delete but you can also restrict users from commenting on your post.

This will help in managing high-profile accounts by restricting people from negative and trolling comments. The testing phase of this feature was successful, and the company received positive feedback from the users.

On iOS, just tap the comment and then the doted icon in the top-right corner. Manage comments option will appear here. Select multiple comments for deletion and you can block users from this menu. For android users, its simple, long-press the comment, and the block or restrict option will appear.

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Pinned Comments

As the name suggests, the idea is to boost the positive and inspiring comments and pinned them on the top of the comments thread. This will help the user to set the tone of his or her account and encourage the people for more positive comments.

These features will give better control to the account holder to avoid cyber-bullying; however, it will also silence the positive and genuine criticism.

Limit Tagging Option

Before this feature, you were not able to restrict anyone from tagging you in any post or comment. People were bullied by getting tagged in negative posts. This feature can give you control over who can tag you.

Not only you can limit the tagging permission from “everyone” to “no one”, but you can also control tags and mentions manually.

Cyberbullying is not limited to Instagram, people are bullied on the internet through different platforms. It is the responsibility of the application owner to make their app safe and bully-free.

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