Odd Socks Day 2020- Unique But Equal

Does wearing odd socks bother your shoes??? No. The concept of Odd Socks Day is very simple, all of us are unique in one way or another. This day is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate our individuality and express ourselves. This year we are celebrating Odd Socks Day 2020 on the 16th of November.

To celebrate this day kids don’t need to buy new and expensive costumes. There is no pressure on the pockets of the parents. Rather you just have to wear odd socks to your school or workplace, and your part is done.

Anti-Bullying Week starts with odd socks day. It was started in 2017 and kids enjoyed this day. Since then this day is celebrated on the first day of an anti-bullying week to raise awareness. Differences make you unique but still, you all are equal.

Moreover, Odd socks day is also celebrated on World Down syndrome day. The concept is the same that the people are unique and different, but they are all equal.

On this day people are encouraged to pick two different socks and make a pair of odd socks.

Director of Anti-bullying Alliance, Martha Evans, said:” bullying is an incredibly serious issue and to see so many parents, teachers, and children involved with the campaign each year sends a powerful message”.

The most important thing about this Odd Socks Day is its beautiful message.

Read about the Theme of Anti Bullying Week 2020.

Andy and the Odd Socks

One of the most popular TV shows which are popular among kids as well as the parents is presented by Andy. Andy is one of the most famous personalities in the UK among children. He is widely known for his adventure’s investigation of baby animals which for sire attracts the kids.  Andy and the Odd Socks is a band not only supporting this week, in fact, but Odd Socks day was also the idea of Andy and his team.

Since 2017, they are supporting this event with Anti-bullying Alliance. They have created unique and entertaining songs for this day. The team of Andy and the Odd Socks always give the message to the children about accepting the differences of one another.

odd socks day 2020

Every year Andy his team write a song and compose it in a unique way. These songs bring the theme of the anti-bullying week to life and always entertain the kids.

You will soon get the Odd socks day 2020 song, till then enjoy the videos of last year’s songs below.

2019 – It was about “Change” – Odd Socks day 2019

2018 – It was about “Choose Respect” – Odd socks day 2018

2017 – It was about “Uniqueness” – Odd socks day 2017



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